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Here are the Ford F-150 brochures did I found online and organized by year, starting with the newest model first, going all the way back to the year 2001. I tried to use Ford's resources whenever I could find them, however I wasn't able to always find the brochures through Ford's website, so use third-party sources still seemed to maintain the accuracy of the data within the brochures himself.

I have the brochures listed first but be sure to check out the information I wrote below the brochures to get an idea of what's inside, so you won't miss anything!

2021 Brochure


2020 Brochure


2019 Brochure


2018 Brochure


2017 Brochure


2016 Brochure


2015 Brochure


2014 Brochure


2013 Brochure


2012 Brochure


2011 Brochure


2010 Brochure


2009 Brochure


2008 Brochure


2007 Brochure


2006 Brochure


2005 Brochure



2003 Brochure



2001 Brochure


What's In The Brochures?

 The F-150 brochures are basically just sales pamphlets that show off all of the features and capabilities that these trucks come with or have the ability to accomplish, with the help of additional packages and options.

There is a lot of really cool information inside of these pamphlets and I recommend you take a look at your specific model year, just to get an idea of what was offered, options that maybe you don't have and just to get a general idea of what your particular F-150 is capable of.

There's also a lot of other helpful information that is related to the towing specs or other weight specs that you have to take into consideration when planning on hauling any type of trailer behind you. I often times use these brochures, along with other resources, to gather my information on different towing capacities for different trucks and SUVs.

Engine Options:

What are the most helpful sections in the brochure is the engine options section that lays out all of the different engines that were offered for that specific model year Ford F-150. What I really like about this section is how they lay out the options, it makes it really easy to read and compare at-a-glance some of the maximum capacity specs, like maximum payload weights and sometimes even maximum towing capacity specs as well.

The image below is a screenshot I took from the 2019 F-150 brochure that lists the six different engine options that were available and If you look closely and the columns, you can see that they list the maximum payload capacity and the maximum towing capacity, along with some other metrics like horsepower, torque and what transmission came equipped.

At the very bottom you can see what trim levels these engines were available for, which is also helpful when you get into more model specific details like the trim level and things like that.

2019 F150 Brochure Engine Options

2019 F150 Brochure Engine Options

Trim Options (XL, XLT, Raptor, Etc.)

Another section in the brochures I like to look at is where they list the different trim options that are available for these trucks. You can get a lot of very specific information out of the section for certain models that have certain trim level features that may change certain things like towing capacity and payload capacity.

Trim Level Options

Trim Level Options

Most of this section will involve what options came with specific models, for example, the XL trim level had "these standard options" that were included in the vehicle but there were other options available for the interior, exterior, performance packages and so on. This really paints a visual picture of how many different options could be possible for one model year and even one trim level!

Towing Chart, Payload Specs, Etc.

Making our way down the brochure, we get to different technical charts that includes things like Towing specs, payload specs, exterior dimensions, mechanical specs and in some cases even model specific ratings.

In the 2019 F-150 brochure, this section also included data for the Raptor models, which tend to have lower payload and towing capacity numbers in general, from my research, and you can see this in any model year of the F150 capacity numbers, if you were to compare them over the years.

Tow Chart In Brochure

Tow Chart In Brochure

Payload Specs

Payload Specs

Capability Packages:

The last section I wanted to mention was what Ford calls their capability packages section I'm basically just options that are offered for these trucks that will give you more payload capacity, more towing capacity or better off-road capabilities.

They really just list an overview of what's offered and what comes with these packages and doesn't really go into the specifics of what you get as far as how it is different from standard equipment options oh, so you will have to do additional research if you want to know more about that.

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