Lexus RX 300 Towing Capacity Resource Guide

The RX 300 is an older vehicle that was made from 2003 to 1999, but I am sure there are still people out there wondering about the towing capacity of the vehicle, so I went ahead and did some research and threw together this article for those of you out there that may be wondering.

I have included all of the most important information you need to know and organized it by model year to make it easily digestible and a bit more organized than what I found in the owner's manuals.

Overview of the Data For the RX 300's:

Engine Choices: There were no engines specified in any of the charts I found, and it didn't really matter anyway because the specs were identical for all years that this vehicle was made.

Configurations/Variations: There were no variations or different models that affected the capacity numbers overall, making the information very easy to read and decipher, since all of the specs were identical, except for the GCWR figures.

Overall Capacity: The towing capacity for the RX 300 ranged from 1,000-3,500 lbs. and were the same for all model years that the vehicle was made.

Some model years share the same information, so rather than post each chart with the same metrics, I only posted one chart that applies to all the model years listed in that section.

Be sure you read your owner's manual for your RX300 in order to get all the information you need that Lexus recommends.

2003-2001 Models:

The 2003, 2002 and 2001 RX300s had a towing capacity of 1,000-3,500 lbs. with a maximum gross combined weight rating of 8,450 lbs.

The lower 1000-pound rating was for trailers that did not have a braking system equipped, which is also known as the unbraked trailer weight rating.

Rx 300 Image

Other than the maximum trailer weight capacity numbers, I was also able to find the maximum tongue load capacity which was set to the standard 9 to 11% of the total trailer weight, not exceeding 350 lbs.

2003 Rx 300 Towing Chart

2003 RX 300 Towing Chart

2003 Rx 300 Tongue Weight

2003 RX 300 Tongue Weight

2003 Rx 300 Trailer Brakes

2003 RX 300 Trailer Brakes

2000 & 1999 Models:

The 2000 and 1999 RX 300 had the same towing capacity range of 1000-3,500 lbs. that we saw with the 2003-2001 models but with a little lower gross combined weight rating.

The GCWR for the 2000 and 1999 models what's that at an even eight thousand pounds maximum.

Rx 300 Image

All the other tow related information was the same for the 2000 and 1999 models, like the maximum tongue weight rating of between 9-11%.

2000 And 1999 Rx 300 Gcwr

2000 And 1999 RX 300 GCWR

2003 Rx 300 Tongue Weight

2003 RX 300 Tongue Weight

2003 Rx 300 Trailer Brakes

2003 RX 300 Trailer Brakes

Resources For This Article:

I used the owner's manual to gather all of my information for this article, including the charts and other images that I posted with the additional weight limit specs. There is other information in there that you might find helpful, so I wanted to link to each individual manual to make it easier to find your specific model year.

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