2021-2010 Lexus GX460 Towing Capacities, Ultimate Guide

The Lexus GX460 is definitely a luxury SUV and would qualify as a full size model on top of that, but they are also capable when it comes to their overall towing capacity numbers as well and that's what we dive into in this article.

To Be honest, I was quite surprised at the figures I found for these SUVs and after conducting my research found that they were capable of pulling moderately heavy loads which you wouldn't think a luxury vehicle would be able to do.

Overview of the Data For the GX460s:

Engine Choices: All of the model year GX460's came equipped with the same engine, and that was the 4.6l (V8). This is probably why the overall capacity numbers really didn't differ throughout the years, as the same engine was equipped.

Variations: There we're no variations in the vehicles that affected the capacity numbers overall, except for the trailer itself. If your trailer did not have its own braking system equipped, then the maximum capacity was drastically reduced Play Mirror 1000 lbs.

Towing Capacity: From 2021-2010, the towing capacity didn't really change that much, in fact it stayed the exact same throughout the years. Nothing seemed to affect the capacity numbers that I usually see from other manufacturers vehicles like engine choices, transmission equipped, Etc.

Many have the model year shared the same weight specifications so rather than posting duplicate information, I just posted one image for each bit of info that applies to all model years.

Remember to read the owner's manual for your specific GX460 so that you understand the manufacturer's recommendations when it comes to pulling trailers.

2021-2010 Models:

The 2021-2010 Lexus GX460s had the same towing capacity ratings throughout all of these model years and ranged between 1,000-6,500 pounds.

The smaller weight rating was specifically or trailers that did not have their own brake system installed.

Lexus Gx460 Image

Nearly all of the other specifications were exactly the same, with minor differences in vehicle capacity numbers for certain years. Remember that if you are pulling a trailer, the tongue weight will a tribute to the vehicle capacity weight and you will have to deduct the tongue weight from the maximum capacity weight of the vehicle to get an accurate figure.

2021 Lexus Gx460 Towing Chart

2021 Lexus Gx460 Towing Chart

Lexus Gx460 Tongue Weight

Lexus Gx460 Tongue Weight

Lexus Gx460 Sway And Wdh

Lexus Gx460 Sway Control And Weight Distribution Hitch

Other Requirements Based On Trailer Weight...

There a few requirements made by Lexus when pulling trailers that I had a specific weight. One of the requirements we already talked about, and that is having trailer brakes installed for anything that weighs over 1,000 pounds.

Two other requirements I found in the owner's manual state that if the trailer weighs over two thousand pounds, some sort of sway control device is required and at the trailer weighs over 5,000 lb, then you will need to use a weight distributing hitch.

It is always a good idea to adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines for safety reasons and to ensure that your vehicle will be covered under its warranty, if you have one.


For model years 2012-2021, I was able to find the gross combined weight rating in the manuals and this was the same figure for all model years, set at 13,100 pounds.

Gx460 Gcwr

Break-In Period:

The manuals also provided other helpful information when it came to towing, like the break-in. For new vehicles, Lexus recommends not hauling anything for the first 500 miles, if you happen to buy a new vehicle with little to no miles on it.

If the vehicle is used and has more than 500 miles on it, then obviously this break-in period does not apply to your vehicle.

Resources For Make/Model:

The GX460s owner's manuals had all the towing related information I was looking for and is where I gathered the data for this article. I went ahead and list it each manual below as a quick reference for those of you out there that want to check them out for yourselves and read up on any additional information.

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