Lexus RX 450h/450hL Towing Capacities

The Lexus RX450h and RX450hL SUVs are another luxury SUV made by Lexus that actually have some sort of towing capacity and I wanted to dive deeper into what the maximum trailer weight ratings are and what is required to actually achieve those ratings.

In this article, I gathered all of the data from the owner's manuals and threw it together in an easy-to-read format, with all the important information at your disposal. I hope that helps some of you out there!

Overview of the Data For the RX 450H:

Configurations/Variations: Most of the information stayed the same for most model years, except for the gross combined weight rating and the maximum vehicle weight capacity. There were no other variations of the vehicle that made significant differences, like I usually see with some other vehicles.

Towing Capacity: The towing capacity for these vehicles stayed the same throughout the years, from their inception, all the way up to the most recent model. Overall, the capacity range started at 1,000 lbs and went all the way up to 3,500 lbs, which was all dependent upon your trailer.

Some Of the model years below share the same specs or very similar specs, so I posted one towing chart that applies to all the model years listed in that section. 

The information will be the same and if it differs in any sort of way, I will make a note of it in that section so that you have the most accurate information possible.

Be sure to read your owner's manuals, as there is other great information in them and it provides you with all the details that Lexus recommends for these specific vehicles.

2021-2018 Models:

The 2021-2018 models included the RX450h and the RX450hL and the specs were the same, when it came to maximum trailer weight.

The towing capacity for the 2021 - 2018 models ranged from 1,000 - 3,500 lbs., with the lower rating being reserved for trailers without their own braking system installed.

2021 Rx450h Image

The Gross combined weight rating was the same for both models but the vehicle capacity weight that was specified in the chart was different, having a 920 lb maximum capacity for the RX450h and a larger 1,070 lb capacity for the RX450hL models.

2021 Lexus Rx 450h Towing Chart

2021-2018 Charts

Lexus Rx 450h Unbraked Trailer Weight

Unbraked Trailer Weight

2021 Lexus Rx 450h Gcwr


Lexus Rx 450h Trailer Tongue Weight

Tongue Weight

2017 & 2016 Models:

The 2017 and 2016 models had similar specs that we saw with the 2021 - 2018 models, but the chart looks a little different because the RX450hL models were not made prior to 2018.

The towing capacity for the 2017 and 2016 models still ranged between 1,000 - 3,500 lbs, depending on if your trailer had its own independent braking system.

2017 Rx450h Image

Since the RX450hL models were not available during these years, you only see the one vehicle capacity weight specification listed in the chart below, which was set at 920 lb just like it was for the 2021 - 2018 models. The GCWR and tongue weight specs were still the same and didn't change.

2017 Lexus Rx 450h Towing Chart

2017 & 2016 Charts

Lexus Rx 450h Unbraked Trailer Weight

Unbraked Trailer Weight

2021 Lexus Rx 450h Gcwr


Lexus Rx 450h Trailer Tongue Weight

Tongue Weight

2015-2011 Models:

The 2015 - 2011 models still have the same towing capacity range of between 1,000 - 3,500 lb that we saw with the later model years, but the chart did look a little bit different since the vehicle capacity weight was listed with lower ratings and we're separated by two-wheel drive models and all-wheel drive models.

2014 Rx450h Image

The gross combined weight rating changed slightly as well, having a maximum weight capacity of 9480 lb instead of the 9500 pound rating we saw it with the later model years.

On a side note, the 2015 - 2012 models have the gross combined weight rating listed for vehicles that had a tow package equipped but that same rating was also given to 2011 models but was not stated that the vehicle had to have a tow package installed, so I am unsure as to why it was stated for models that were made between 2015 - 2012.

2015 Lexus Rx 450h Towing Chart

2015-2011 Charts

2015 Lexus Rx Gcwr

2015-2012 GCWR

2015-2012 models had the same GCWR specs as the 2011 model years, but it did not state whether the 2011 models were AWD or FWD model or whether a towing package was equipped.

Lexus Rx 450h Unbraked Trailer Weight

Unbraked Trailer Weight

Lexus Rx 450h Trailer Tongue Weight

Tongue Weight

2010 Models:

The 2010 models have the same towing capacity that we saw with all of the other model years, ranging from 1,000 - 3,500 lbs. but I only had one vehicle capacity weight specified, which was set at 825 lbs. maximum.

AWD and 2WD models we're not specified for the 2010 model years.

2014 Rx450h Image

The same 9,480 lb gross combined weight rating was also listed for the 2010 models and all of the other same numbers applied when it came to the maximum tongue weight load, unbraked versus braked trailer weight ratings, etc.

2010 Lexus Rx 450h Towing Chart

2010 Chart

2010 Lexus Rx 450h Gcwr

2010 GCWR

Lexus Rx 450h Unbraked Trailer Weight

Unbraked Trailer Weight

Lexus Rx 450h Trailer Tongue Weight

Tongue Weight


I was not able to find any of the gross vehicle weight rating or gross axle weight rating figures in any of the owner's manuals, but I was able to find a little section in the manual that I took a screenshot of that stated that you can find this information on the certification label on the driver's side door jamb of the vehicle.

Lexus Rx 450h Gvwr And Gawr


Do I Have A Towing Package Installed?

I didn't see anything in the manuals that talked about what tow equipment was equipped with the RX 450h and 450hL, but I was able to find a little bit of information in the brochure the specified what came with the 2021 models, along with all the other model years by looking at the specific model year's brochure.

In the 2021 brochure, I was able to find count that the do prep package came equipped with a heavy-duty radiator, along with an engine oil and transmission oil cooler. I was also able to verify this looking at the replacement parts for the vehicle as there were two different radiators available for this vehicle, one that had transmission cooler ports and one that did not.

From what I can tell, if you want to check to see if your vehicle has one of these prep package is installed, look at the radiator and check for transmission cooler lines at the bottom, along with oil cooling lines better also mounted on the radiator or somewhere close to the area.

If all else fails, you can always take it in to your local dealership to see if they can verify whether your vehicle has one of these prep packages installed.

2021 Towing Prep Package

Resources I Used For This Article:

I gathered all of my information for the RX450h and RX450hL models directly from the owner's manuals that I grabbed from Lexus' website and wanted to directly linked to each manual in order to make it more convenient and quicker for those of you out there that want to do your own research or just to take a look at some of the other helpful information you can find in these manuals.

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