2021 & 2020 Jeep Gladiator Towing Capacities Resource!

The Jeep Gladiator is a newer vehicle with a very unique design concept, combining the jeep body with the bed of a truck and has gained a lot of popularity, especially for a newer vehicle, but they're also very capable when it comes to towing capacity too.

I wanted to dive a little bit deeper in this article to see how much these vehicles can actually pull and what equipment was required for them to pull at their maximum capacity, which I was quite pleasantly surprised with, considering the size of these things.

Overview of the Data For the Gladiator:

Engine Choices: The engine that you had equipped in your Jeep did not seem to affect the trailer weight rating numbers at all, in fact they did not mention engine configurations at all in any of the tow charts.

Configurations: There were many different sub models they had different specs from each other, but some of the main elements that contributed to differences in overall capacity weight ratings were things like the transmission-equipped and whether your vehicle had a tow package equipped.

Towing Capacity: The towing capacity for the Gladiator's really stay the same for those two years and the range was exactly the same as we look at overall numbers, having between a 4,000 - 7,650 lbs capacity for all sub models.

Remember to always read your owner's manual to get the most up-to-date and accurate information as possible and become more familiar with what Jeep recommends for their vehicles.

2021 Models:

The 2021 models had a towing capacity range of between 4,000 - 7,650 lbs. when we look at all four submodels combined.

The charts below contain most of the information you need when it comes to calculating your maximum load, including the gross combined weight rating, the maximum trailer weight rating and the tongue weight rating.

Jeep Gladiator Image

I did not see any specs for the High Sierra models in the manuals, but noticed that they do have the capacity to have a standard tow package available. When I get more information, I will update this page.

Lowest Capacity Ratings: The models that have the lower four thousand pound rating were models that did not have any type of tow package installed and had a manual transmission equipped instead of an automatic transmission. 

If we compare similar models though that had an automatic transmission with no tow package, the maximum trailer weight was only increased by 500 lb so it didn't make a huge difference as far as what type of transmission you had equipped.

Highest Capacity Ratings: The models that had  the highest capacity numbers had the max tow package equipped, which were able to achieve that 7,650 lb rating and other models that had a standard to a package equipped we're capable of between 6,000 - 6,500 lbs.

Sport and Sport S Models:

The Sport and Sport S models had a maximum trailer weight rating of between 4,000 - 7,650 lbs, in line with the overall capacity specs. There are 12 models listed below in the chart and the first six are the standard sport models and the six rows below that are for the sport s models.

 When I look at the chart I noticed that there is no difference between the sport and Sport s capacity ratings in the chart oh, if you compare similar models with the same transmission and tow package.

2021 Jeep Gladiator Sport Towing Chart

Sport Chart

Overland Models:

The Overland submodels only had five different specs in the chart, as you can see below, and the overall maximum trailer weight capacity range between 4,000 - 6,500 lbs. Again, the models that did not have a tow package equipped had the smaller ratings, while models that did have a package equipped had the higher ratings.

2021 Jeep Gladiator Overland Towing Charts

Overland Chart

Mojave Models:

The Mojave models only had two trailer weight ratings specified, and this was depending on if you had a manual transmission or an automatic transmission equipped. The maximum trailer weight rating for a manual transmission model was set at 4,500 pounds, while the automatic transmission models had a 6,000 lb maximum capacity.

2021 Jeep Gladiator Mojave Towing Chart

Mojave Chart

Rubicon Models:

The Rubicon models had a maximum trailer weight rating a between 4,500 - 7,000 lbs, and as you can see from the chart below there was only three different weight ratings, one for a manual transmission model, one for an automatic transmission model and then a diesel option that also had an automatic transmission equipped.

2021 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Towing Chart

Rubicon Chart

2020 Models:

The 2020 models had a towing capacity that ranged from 4,000-7,650 lbs. like we saw with the 2021 models, but the charts were different for the 2020 models with fewer options as far as models go.

Other than that, the same important information was listed in the charts including the maximum gross trailer weight, the GCWR and the maximum tongue weight rating.

Jeep Gladiator Image

We still see the same common themes that we saw for the 2021 models, where the higher capacity ratings were reserved for models that had either a standard or max tow package equipped that was capable of that increased 6,000 - 7,650 lb. rating. I did notice that there were no diesel options for any of the 2020 models in the charts.

Sport and Sport S Models:

There eight different sport models which consisted of the standard Sport and Sport S models, which are divided up accordingly in the chart below. The first four rows make up the sport model, while the remaining four rows make up the sport S models.

If we look at the data, we can see that the maximum trailer weight rating varies from 4,000 - 7,650 lbs, the higher ratings reserved for vehicles that have a tow package installed.

2020 Jeep Gladiator Sport Towing Chart

Sport Chart

Overland Models:

The Overland models only have three choices for the 2020 lineup and the gross trailer weight rating ranged from 4,000 to 6,000 lbs. 

2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland Towing Chart

Overland Chart

Mojave Models:

The Mojave models had the same exact specs that the 2021 vehicles had, consisting of either a 4,500 lb. rating or a 6,000 pound rating, depending on what type of transmission you had equipped in the vehicle.

2020 Jeep Gladiator Mojave Towing Chart

Mojave Chart

Rubicon Models:

The Rubicon models for 2020 did not have that diesel option like we saw in 2021, so there were only two capacity numbers specified, one for manual transmission models and the other for automatic transmission models. The two specifications were set at 4,500 lb for vehicles equipped with a manual transmission and a 7,000 pound rating for vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission.

2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Towing Chart

Rubicon Chart

GVWR and GAWR Information:

There was no information regarding the gross vehicle weight rating or gross axle weight rating in the manuals, but I was able to find this little note did I take a screenshot of and posted below of where you can find this information.

If you open up your driver side door you will find a safety certification label that is required on all vehicles, but it will contain the gross vehicle weight rating and both front and rear gross axle weight rating figures. Other useful information can also be found, including the VIN.

Jeep Gladiator Gvwr And Gawr


Standard vs Max Towing Packages:

I was able to find a very helpful bit of information in the 2021 brochure or the Gladiator that explains what comes equipped in the standard and Max tow package is, and I posted a screenshot of that below, so you can see what comes in each package and how they compare to each other.

In the brochures you can look up the specific packages that we're available to your specific sub model and it will tell you what is included in that package. Certain things like the gross vehicle weight rating maybe a bit different, depending on your model. The example below is for a 2021 Sport/Sport S model.

2021 Gladiator Tow Packages

Do I Have A Towing Package Installed?

Actually determining if you have one of these packages installed on your vehicle is a little bit harder than just looking at what came equipped in the different packages and checking to see if you have those items equipped on your vehicle.

Your best bet would be to take it into your dealer if you're unsure whether or not you have one of these installed on your vehicle and see if they can identify whether or not you have one installed.

A Note On Trailer Brakes...

I was looking through the owner's manuals and I found a note on trailer brakes that I took a screenshot of and posted below. Jeep recommends trailer brakes for trailers that weigh-in at 1,000 pounds or more and are a requirement when trailers are in excess of two thousand pounds.

Jeep Gladiator Trailer Brakes

Trailer Brakes

Resources I Used:

The owner's manuals were a great resource and is where I found all of my information for the Gladiators. All the information you see above was taken directly from the manuals in order to keep the accuracy of the data as clean as possible.

I wanted to link to the individual manuals for those of you out there that may want to read into them a bit more.

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