2000-2020 Toyota Tacoma Towing Capacities

The 2000-2020 Toyota Tacoma's are great trucks and well known for their off-road abilities, but I noticed that they do actually have somewhat of a decent towing capacity and I didn't really see anybody mentioning too much about it so I wanted to make a post to see how much they can actually pull.

After doing a little bit of research, crunching the numbers and putting all the data together I found out that the 2000-2020 Tacoma's actually have very surprising capacities attached to them and even better numbers if they are equipped with optional accessories, which I get into in this article. Let's take a look at some of the data to see what they are capable of! 

Overview of the Data For the Toyota Tacoma's:

Engine Choices: There were six different engines offered for these trucks made from 2000-2020 and these were the: 2TR-FE, the 2GR-FKS, the 1GR-FE, the 2RZ-FE, the 5VZ-FE and the 3RZ-FE.

Basically, you had a choice of either a 4-cylinder engine or a 6 cylinder engine and the capacities were somewhat affected by which engine you had equipped in your Tacoma.

If you have the 4 cylinder engine or the 6 cylinder engine (with no tow package installed) then the capacity  seemed to hover around 3,500 lbs. If you had a 6 cylinder engine with a tow package, then the capacity went up substantially to around 6,500 lbs.

2WD vs 4WD: There were choices of 2WD and 4WD models but there wasn't a substantial difference in weight numbers like I see in some other car manufacturers. I did see an "average" difference of around 200-300 lbs. for the 2WD and 4WD models in some of the charts, the 2WD models having the greater capacity.

Towing Capacity: Even though a lot of the Tacoma's had slightly different charts for 2000-2020 models, I would say that the maximum trailer weight ratings stayed pretty much the same throughout the years.

It really broke down to the 2000-2020 model's having the ability to haul between 3,500 lbs. and 6,500 lbs. for most models. Now, there were some instances where the low number was 3,300 lbs. and the high number was 6,800 lbs. but it didn't really venture far from that 3,500-6,500 pound rating for the most part.

One important factor to take into consideration for the 2000-2020 model's is that all of the specs are for trailers that have a braking system installed.

If you do not have a braking system installed on your trailer then all capacities in the chart are not applicable, instead the maximum allowed weight is 1,000 lbs.

2020-2018 Models:

The 2018-2020 Toyota Tacoma's had a towing capacity range from 1,000 pounds and went all the way up to 6,800 pounds, depending on the model code and engine you had equipped in your particular truck.

Two different engines were available and these impacted the capacity numbers more than anything, the 2TR-FE engine had the lower capacities (around 3,500 lbs.) and the 2GR-FKS engine that had the larger 6,000 lb. to 6,800 lb. capacities.

2020 Toyota Tacoma Image

For the 2018-2020 models, there really was not a significant difference in capacity numbers when it came to 2WD or 4WD models but I did notice some slight differences of around 200-300 lbs.

2020-2018 Access Cab Tacoma Towing Chart

2020-2018 Charts

2020-2018 Double Cab Tacoma Towing Chart

2017 Models:

For the 2017 Toyota Tacoma's, a lot of the specs were similar to the 2018-2020 models, having a towing capacity range of 1,000 pounds and going all the way up to 6,800 pounds but some of the gross combined weight ratings were a little bit different.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Image

You still had 2 different engines to choose from in 2017 (the 2TR-FE engine and the 2GR-FKS engine), with similar specs for each engine and the showing charts were divided into 2 different charts: 1 with access cab models and the other having double cab models listed.

2017 Access Cab Tacoma Towing Chart

2017 Chart

2017 Double Cab 2WD Tacoma Towing Chart
2017 Double Cab 4WD Tacoma Towing Chart

2016 Models:

For 2016, we still saw that the Toyota Tacoma's had 2 different towing charts available and one was for access cab models and the other (still) for double cab models the chart for the double cab models was broken up into two different charts in the owner's manual.

2017 Toyota Tacoma Image

The 2016 Tacoma's still had that 1,000 lb.-6,800 lb. maximum capacity range, but again the GCWR's were little bit different than the previous model years and the later model years.

2016 Access Cab Tacoma Towing Chart

2016 Chart

2016 Double Cab 2wd Tacoma Towing Chart
2016 Double Cab 4wd Tacoma Towing Chart

2015 Models:

The 2015 model year Tacomas's had, yet again, similar ratings, compared to some of the later years and very similar charts as well, having a towing capacity of between 1,000 lbs. and 6,500 lbs. but some of the gross combined weight rating metrics were different again.

2015 Toyota Tacoma Image

The 2015 Toyota Tacoma's also had two different engine choices, but these were a 2.7 L engine and a 4.0 L engine, a little bit different choices than later model years. In general, the 2.7 L engine provided around a 3,500 lb. maximum trailer weight rating, for the most part. 

The larger 4.0 liter engine provided the same ratings, if you did not have a tow package installed and significantly higher ratings if you had a one installed (6,500 lbs.).

2015 Access Cab Tacoma Towing Chart

2015 Chart

2015 Double Cab Tacoma Towing Chart
2015 Double Cab Tacoma Towing Chart 2

2014 Models:

The 2014 Toyota Tacoma's had three different charts associated with that particular model year and these were broken up into: regular cab models, access cab models and double cab models.

None of that made a huge impact on the overall numbers as much as the engine equipped did and whether or not the vehicle had a tow package installed. 

2015 Toyota Tacoma Image

The maximum weight ratings for the 2014 models ranged from 1,000 lbs. and went all the way up to 6,500 lb, pretty typical for nearly all of these trucks made from 2011 to 2018, so no huge difference in overall capacity when compared to other models in these specific years. 

The 2.7 L engine provided the smaller weight ratings, while the larger 4.0 L engine provided the larger capacity numbers, as long as you had the tow package equipped. 

2014 Regular Cab Tacoma Towing Chart

2014 Chart

2014 Access Cab Tacoma Towing Chart
2014 Double Cab Tacoma Towing Chart
2014 Double Cab Tacoma Towing Chart 2

2013-2011 Models:

The 2011 to 2013 models had a little different chart setup than newer model years, and they were divided into: a regular cab model, an access cab model and a double cab model.

The towing capacity for the 2011-2013 Tacoma's still ranged from 1,000 lbs.-6,500 lbs. like other model years and had two engine choices: the 2.7L and 4.0L engines.

2013 Toyota Tacoma Image

I still saw the same pattern with the two different engines and the specs were pretty much the same, where the smaller 2.7 liter engine had around a 3,500 lb. maximum weight rating and the larger 4.0 liter engine had the same capacity if no tow package was equipped but had a substantially larger 6,500 lb. capacity when equipped with one.

2013-2011 Regular Cab Tacoma Towing Chart

2013-2011 Charts

2013-2011 Access Cab Tacoma Towing Chart
2013-2011 Double Cab Tacoma Towing Chart
2013-2011 Double Cab Tacoma Towing Chart 2

2010-2005 Models:

The chart for the 2005-2010 Tacoma's was more simplified than the other (later model) charts we looked at and only had two specs listed: one for models equipped with a towing package and those without.

If you had one of these packages installed on a '05-'10, then you would have a maximum trailer towing weight of 6,500 pounds and without the package a substantially less 3,500 pound capacity.

2010 Toyota Tacoma Image

The 2.7L and 4.0L engines were the two options when it came to these model years and looking at the below chart, it seems that the larger 4.0L engine was the only choice you had when it came to a tow package accessory option, allowing for that higher rating in the table.

2010 Tacoma Towing Chart

2010-2005 Charts

2004-2002 Models:

The 2002-2004 Tacoma's had nearly all of the same specs as the 2005-2010 models but the engines used had different model numbers (2RZ-FE, 5VZ-FE and 3RZ-FE), which prompted a separate chart.

The towing capacity for the 2002-2004 Toyota Tacoma's ranged from 3,500 lbs.-6,000 lbs. so it was slightly lower on the higher end of the spectrum.

2004 Toyota Tacoma Image

The first chart has the trailer weight limit information in it and the chart below that is the GCWR specs. I was also able to find an image that specified whether your truck had a factory installed kit added to the vehicle, and it shows where to look on the cooling fan for the color coded markings, which I thought was helpful.

2004 Tacoma Towing Chart

2004-2002 Charts

2004-2002 Tacoma Gcwr Chart
2004 Tacoma Towing Package Image

2004 Tow Package Image

2001 & 2000 Models:

The 2000 and 2001 Toyota Tacoma's had some of the lowest trailer weight rating numbers out of all of the models on the list, which ranged from 3,500 lbs. and went all the way up to 5,000 lbs. max.

The same three engines were used for  the 2000 and 2001 models that were used for the 2002-2004 models, with a slightly lower higher-end weight rating.

2002 Toyota Tacoma Image

Again, we see the two different charts listed below, the first one having the specs and the second one having the gross combined weight ratings in the chart. I did not find an image that specified whether or not the vehicle had a factory-installed tow kit like I did for the 2002-2004 models. 

2001 & 2000 Tacoma Towing Chart

2001 & 2000 Charts

2001 & 2000 Tacoma Gcwr Chart

Do I Have A Towing Package Installed?

The  Toyota Tacoma's made from 2000-2020 did have the option of having a factory-installed tow package equipped on the vehicle, but there is no clear indication on whether or not you have one installed. Most of the time, you will have to take it into a dealership to confirm this, which is always a good idea especially when it comes to peace of mind.

What I do know is that the 2020 Toyota Tacoma's package consisted of:

  • an engine oil cooler
  • an automatic transmission fluid cooler
  • a receiver hitch
  • trailer wiring
  • a trailer sway control mechanism
  • an upgraded 130 amp alternator.

Now this is just for the 2020 model and I'm not sure if it would apply to 2019-2011 models as well but is a good place to  start if you want to quickly visually inspect your vehicle. Remember though, having a dealership check out your setup is always your best bet.

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