Ford Bronco Towing Capacities

The Ford Bronco has definitely made a comeback and even though it only has two model years currently, it is widely popular, and I was actually surprised to see that had some sort of towing capacity.

I decided to do a little bit of research and see what I could find out and compile the information in this article in an organized and easy to read format that I hope will be helpful to some of you out there!

 Be sure you read through your owner's manual to get familiar with your vehicle and follow all of Ford's recommendations when it comes to towing anything.

2022 Models:

The 2022 Broncos were divided up into standard models and also sport models and you shouldn't confuse the two because they are very different, in fact they have different engines and very different trailer weight rating specifications.

The standard Broncos towing capacity ranged from 3,260–3,500 lbs., while the sport model's capacity ranged from 2,000–2,200 lbs.

Most of the standard models had a maximum capacity of 3,500 pounds, with a few models that had a little bit lower capacity than that, but not by a lot. We can see this in the chart below and if we look at the sport model's chart, we can see that it was a lot more simple with only two different variations and that was the dependent upon which engine you had equipped.

2022 Bronco Towing Chart

2022 Chart

2022 Bronco Sport Towing Chart

2022 Sport Chart

2021 Models:

The 2021 models were similar to the 2022 models and in fact there were two different charts as well, one for the standard Broncos and one for sport models. The standard Bronco's towing capacity ranged from 3,240-3,500 lbs., while the sport models capacity ranged from 1,500–2,200 lbs.

Again, the standard models had a much higher overall maximum weight rating, if we compare the two charts below and this is because of the engine choices that were available.

2021 Bronco Towing Chart

2021 Chart

2021 Bronco Sport Towing Chart

2021 Sport Chart

Axle Ratios...

In the charts we can see that an axle ratio was specified for specific models and you will need to know what your axle ratio is to get the most accurate capacity weight rating. This is really easy to figure out, especially for Ford vehicles because the axle ratio can be deciphered via a code that can be found on the certification label that is located on the driver's side door or door pillar.

Open your drivers side door and you will see the certification label. On this label you will find all sorts of useful information but look towards the bottom of the label and you should see a section labeled "AXLE". 

Under that you should see a two-digit code and that code will have to be deciphered in order to figure out what axle ratio your vehicle was equipped with.

Bronco Axle Ratios

Bronco Axle Ratios

GVWR and GAWR Specs...

The charts had the gross combined weight rating metrics listed along with the maximum trailer weight ratings, but the gross vehicle weight ratings and gross axle weight ratings we're not on the charts or in the owner's manuals. 

You will find the gross vehicle weight rating and gross axle weight rating specifications on the certification label, which is where you will also find the axle code that we talked about earlier.

A Note On Trailer Brakes...

I couldn't find anything that states a specific weight limit that would justify having trailer brakes installed on your trailer anywhere. All that is mentioned is a footnote that states that you should check with your state's law to see what requirements they recommend.

Bronco Trailer Brakes

Resources I Used...

I found all of the information for the Ford Broncos in the trailer guide that is offered by Ford and contains many different vehicles. The information I compiled came from this resource, including the charts.

Each model year had its own guide and is model year specific. I went ahead and linked to the guides below, so feel free to check those out if you're interested.

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