Subaru Ascent Towing Capacity Resource (2019-2020)

​The Subaru Ascent is a newer model in the SUV lineup and I noticed that people are starting to ask what the towing capacity for these new sleek vehicles are.

​I did notice a range number when doing my research and found that to not really be the true towing capacity for the Subaru Ascents. I broke down what you can expect to pull from an Ascent and what factors determined the overall towing capacities.

Overview of the Data For the ​Subaru Ascent:

Engine Choices: ​The engine choices for the Subaru Ascent were not a determining factor when it came to maximum towing capacity, in fact, I think that there was only one engine option for the Ascents, which was the 2.4L (4 cylinder) engine.

​Transmission Configurations: ​There were two different types of transmission options that came with the Subaru Ascents and this was the determining factor between the lower and higher towing capacity rating.

​​Basically, what it came down to was the fact that one transmission had a​ transmission cooler and the other transmission did not. Your vehicle "model number" would specify if you had this equipped or not (more details below).

Towing Capacity: ​The maximum towing capacity for the 2019 and 2020 Subaru Ascent was either 2,000 lbs. or 5,000 lbs. and didn't have any other options between those two numbers, so it was not a range but "either or".

2019 & 2020 Subaru Ascent Towing Capacity:

The 2019 and 202 Subaru Ascent's towing capacities were identical and nothing changed as far as the overall capacities.

The towing capacity for the 2019 and 2020 Subaru Ascent was either 2,000 lbs. or 5,000 lbs. max and the reason for the huge difference was due to the "air-cooled continuously variable transmission fluid cooler" that is offered on some of the models.

2019-2020 Ascent Image
Subaru Ascent Towing Table


​max. tongue weight

​Max. Towing Weight.


​With Cooler

​500 lbs.

​5,000 lbs.


​​Without Cooler

​200 lbs.

​2,000 lbs.


Where Do I Find The Model Number Code?

The transmission code for the Subaru Ascent's will be determined by the "model number" which can be found on the lower left hand side of the door jamb of the passengers' side door, when the door is opened.

The TR690SXXXX and TR690GXXXX are the two different model number examples and really the 6th digit seems to be the determining variable. So the "S" or the "G" will dictate which type of transmission you have equipped in your Subaru Ascent.

Subaru Ascent Model Number Location

​Helpful Resources:

​I wanted to include links to the Subaru Ascent's Owners Manuals, so ​anyone can have them as a resource if they want to check the specs for themselves or want to look something else up and thought it might come in handy.

​I found a short video on Youtube that states some of the specs on the Subaru Ascent and shows a test course with a 4,300 pound Airstream trailer attached, with some insight on how the Ascent tows, explanation on some of the additional features, etc.

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