Honda Element Towing Capacities

The Honda Element was a popular, more compact crossover vehicle that combined a car with an SUV and was very square. I was surprised to see that these vehicles had any towing capacity at all, but after doing the research I did find that they actually had a pretty impressive capacity, for the size of the vehicle and the engine that they had equipped.

Overview of the Data For the Honda Element:

Engine Choices: All the Honda Elements had the same exact engine equipped from 2011 to 2003 which was a 2.4 l (4-cylinder) engine and is one of the main reasons the towing specs were all identical for all model years.

Configurations: There We're no variations as far as 2-wheel drive or four-wheel drive models, automatic transmissions or manual transmissions, like I see and other vehicles, in fact there was no tow chart, just a figure that stated the maximum trailer capacity weight.

Towing Capacity: The towing capacity for the elements what's the same for model years 2011 - 2003 and did not differ whatsoever. In fact, the GVWR and GAWR figures were the exact same too.

All of the data what's the same for every model year, toy only posted one image that applies to all model years for things like towing capacity, tongue weight, etc.

I who made this article as thorough as I possibly could, compiling the data directly from the owner's manuals from on this website so be sure you do your own research to become familiar with your vehicle.

2011-2003 Models:

The 2011-2003 Honda Elements all had identical specs and towing capacity numbers, which was set at 1500 lbs. maximum.

Like all other Hondas, if your trailer does not have its own braking system installed, then that limit is lowered to a thousand lbs. maximum.

Honda Element Image

There must not have been many changes made to the Honda Elements when it came to the internal components because the towing capacity what is exactly the same for all model years, along with the GVWR and GAWR figures.

2011 Honda Element Towing Chart

2011-2003 Honda Element Towing Charts

Honda Element Gvwr And Gawr


Honda Element Tongue Weight

Tongue Weight

Honda Element Trailer Brakes

Trailer Brakes

Resources I Used For This Article:

Here are linked to all of the resources I use for this article, and in this case I use the owner's manuals together all of my information and wanted to post them here in order to give you a quick and easy access point for those of you who want to dive deeper into some of the information.

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