2015 F-150 Towing Capacities Resource Guide

The 2015 F-150 is a very capable truck and has a phenomenal towing capacity, if you have the right equipment and options. I put together this article to break down the towng capacity of the 2015 Ford F-150s to make the data easier to read and understand and explain some of the "variables" that affect tow capacity numbers.

I hope this article helps some of you out there that may find the charts confusing or overwhelming to look through. Thanks for stopping by!

I have included all of the towing weight limits for your 2015 F-150, according to the charts but you should refer to your owner's manual in order to inform yourself on all of the towing information Ford has laid out.

2015 F-150 Towing Specs Overview

Overall Towing Capacity:

The towing capacity for the 2015 F-150's ranged from 4,900-12,200 lbs. for all models made. This includes all engine options, axle ratios, etc. and includes conventional and 5th wheel specs.

3.5L (V6): Looking at the 2015 models that had the standard 3.5l engine equipped, we can see that most of the ratings were on the lower end of the spectrum, ranging in weight from 4,900-7,600 pounds.

2015 F150 3.5l Tow Chart

2.7L (V6): If we look at the 2.7l engine, we can see that it had a higher overall capacity range of 7,300-8,500 pounds, compared to the 3.5l engine, even though it is a smaller displacement engine.

2015 F150 2.7l Tow Chart
2015 F150 2.7l Tow Chart 2

5.0L (V8): The 5.0l engines that powered some of the 2015 model year F-150s had much higher towing capacities than the 3.5l and 2.7l engines. The towing capacity range for models equipped with the 5.0l engine was between 8,200-11,000 pounds, a much higher overall range for sure.

2015 F150 5.0l Tow Chart
2015 F150 5.0l 5th Wheel Tow Chart

3.5L (V6) EcoBoost: If you had the 3.5l EcoBoost engine equipped in your 2015 F-150, then you would have had the highest towing capacity rating, if you had it paired with either a Heavy Duty Payload Package or a Max Trailer Package.

The towing capacity range for the 2015 F-150's that had the 3.5l EcoBoost engine equipped ranged from 9,900-12,200 pounds.

2015 F150 3.5l EcoBoost Tow Chart 2
2015 F150 3.5l EcoBoost 5th Wheel Tow Chart


Tow specs for conventional towing ranged from 5,000-12,200 lbs.

5th Wheel:

Tow specs for 5th wheel towing ranged from 4,900-12,100 lbs.


The GCWR figures for all models ranged from 9,400-17,100 lbs.

Assumed Weight: The assumed weight for the trailer tow ratings is important and for 2015, Ford assumes the weight of only the driver (150 lbs.) and the standard tongue weights and options (standard or optional) only. Any additional weight of passengers, cargo or accessories must be deducted from the maximum trailer weight ratings.

2015 F150 Weight Assumptions

Conventional Towing Charts

2015 Ford F 150 Conventional Towing Chart

2015 Ford F 150 Conventional Towing Chart

2015 Ford F 150 Conventional Towing Chart 2

2015 Ford F 150 Conventional Towing Chart 2

5th Wheel And Gooseneck Towing Charts

2015 Ford F 150 5th Wheel Towing Chart

2015 Ford F 150 5th Wheel Towing Chart

2015 Ford F 150 5th Wheel Towing Chart 2

2015 Ford F 150 5th Wheel Towing Chart 2

How To Read The 2016 F-150 Charts...

The 2015 towing charts for the F-150's had a lot of information in them with many columns and rows and I bet it can be quite overwhelming for some of you out there, so I thought I would break down how to read them and what information you will find in them.

Note: The charts I used for the example may not be accurate for the 2015 F150s so don't use the figures in these charts. The towing charts shown above are the correct charts for the 2015 tow specs.

Cab Configurations: There are three main columns that all of the numbers are divided into and these are the cab configuration or cab style your truck utilizes. There were slight differences in specs when comparing models, so be sure you are looking in the correct column for your data.

I have more information below on what cab configurations look like (images) and what they are called, so you know exactly what you have on your truck.

2016 Ford F-150 Cab Configuration Reference

2015 Ford F-150 Cab Configuration Reference

4WD vs 2WD: Under each cab configuration for the 2015 charts, you will see two columns for 2WD (4x2) vehicles and 4WD (4x4) vehicles. The image below illustrates this and you can clearly see the 2WD and 4WD models listed under the "REGULAR CAB" main column.

2016 F150 4WD and 2WD Columns

2015 F150 4WD and 2WD Columns

Engine Equipped: One of the most important things to consider when looking up your towing capacity for your 2015 F-150 is what engine you have equipped. The image below shows sections for two different engine options in the example chart. The top row shows specs for the 3.5l engine and the row below that shows specs for the 2.7l engine.

2016 Ford F150 Engine Choices

2015 Ford F150 Engine Choices

Axle Ratio: Axle ratios are another key ingredient you need to know to get an accurate figure for your 2015 F-150. These are listed within the engine rows, just to the right of the engine spec and is shown in the image below with the two boxes. I go more into how to find your axle ratio below...

2016 Ford F150 Axle Ratios

2015 Ford F150 Axle Ratios

Towing Options (Standard & Optional):

I found this chart in the 2015 Towing Guide that Ford makes and it lists the towing equipment and tow packages that came equipped or were offered for the 2015 F-150s.

The chart includes all models that came with tow packages or had additional packages you could purchase but I outlined the F-150's specs in red so you could better distinguish those specs from the others.

2015 F150 Towing Equipment

2015 F150 Towing Equipment

Axle Ratios For The 2015 F-150's:

Like I mentioned earlier, you will need to figure out what axle ratio your 2015 model has in order to get an accurate towing capacity number. If you open your door on the driver's side, you will see a label on the door jamb that looks like the image below.

At the bottom of this label, you will see an area labeled "AXLE" and below that a code of some sort with numbers , letters or a combination of both.

Example Of Ford Axle Code

Example Of Ford Axle Code

Once you have that "code" you will want to decode it to figure out what axle ratio came equipped with your truck. I like to use this site to look up axle ratio codes myself, as it is comprehensive and accurate.

I also wanted to note that you can also climb under your truck and look at the rear differential for a tag that will have the axle ratio displayed.

Cab Configurations:

I mentioned earlier in this article that your cab style or cab configuration for your 2015 F-150 will have an impact on your tow ratings and you will need to know what style you have.

The image below shows many different manufacturer's cab configurations and Ford is listed in the third row.

Truck Cab Configurations_Styles

Truck Cab Configurations/Styles (styleyourtrucks.com)

Important Safety Notes:

The towing guide has all of the tow specs listed but the owner's manual has additional information regarding towing with your 2015 F-150 and I recommend reading through it for important notes like the ones listed below.

More 2016 F150 Weight Ratings

More 2015 F150 Weight Ratings

2016 F150 Higher Altitude Weight Warning

2015 F150 Higher Altitude Weight Warning

Helpful Links:

Here are the links to the 2015 Ford F-150's owner's manual and to Ford's towing guide for 2015, both of which have tow charts with the tow weights listed. The owner's manual has even more tow related information though that you will want to check out.

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