2013-2014 Ford F-150 Towing Capacity, A Resource Guide

The 2014 Ford F-150 came equipped with four different engine options and five different axle ratios that made the towing specs somewhat confusing to some people.

I wanted to simplify that information and make an easier to read and digest article that CLEARLY explains whet the towing capacities are for the different 2014 F-150s. Here we go!

Towing Capacity For 2014 F-150s By Engine Configuration:

Like I mentioned earlier, there were 4 different engines that you could have chosen from and these are the 3.7L Ti-VCT (V6), the 5.0L Ti-VCT (V8), 3.5L Ti-VCT EcoBoost (V6) and the 6.2L VCT (V8).

There were anywhere from 2-4 different axle ratios that could have come with each engine, so keep that in mind and will become more clear as we get into some of the towing specs.

The Below chart basically shows the different engine configurations maximum towing capacity for the 2014 F-150s and is more of a quick reference type of table, for convenience. We will get into the specifics a little farther down the page.

Engine GCWR Max. Tow Capacity
3.7L Ti-VCT (V6) 10,400-11,700 lbs. 5,500-6,700 lbs.
5.0L Ti-VCT (V8) 12,900-15,300 lbs. 7,600-10,000 lbs.
3.5L Ti-VCT EcoBoost (V6) 14,000-17,100 lbs. 7,300-11,300 lbs.
6.2L VCT (V8) 12,500-17,100 lbs. 6,000-11,300 lbs.

Let’s Take A Look At The Axle Ratios For 2014 F-150s…

I think it important to have a basic breakdown of how the different axle ratios affected the 2014 F-150’s towing capacity. There were 5 different axle ratios that came standard on the 2014 F-150s and these were the 3.15, the 3.31, the 3.55, the 3.73 and the 4.10.

It is important to note that a 2014 F-150 that has a specific gear ratio can have a pretty big difference in towing capacity and is why the GCWR is directly tied to gear ratios and will allow for a higher tow rating.

For instance, a 2014 Regular Cab F-150 (4×4) with a 3.73 axle ratio that has a GCWR of 15,200 lbs. can tow a maximum of 9,700 lbs, according to Ford’s 2014 Towing Guide.

The same truck with a GCWR of 16,900 lbs can have a maximum towing capacity of 11,300 lbs. because of the higher GCWR. To achieve this higher towing rating though, a payload and/or towing package might have to be added to the truck as well.

Engine Axle Ratio Max. Tow Capacity
3.7L Ti-VCT (V6) 3.55 5,500-5,600 lbs.
3.73 6,100-6,700 lbs.

Engine Axle Ratio Max. Tow Capacity
5.0L Ti-VCT (V8) 3.31 7,900-8,400 lbs.
3.55 7,500-9,800 lbs.
3.73 8,000-10,000 lbs.

Engine Axle Ratio Max. Tow Capacity
3.5L Ti-VCT EcoBoost (V6) 3.15 8,000-8,600 lbs.
3.31 9,100-9,700 lbs.
3.55 *7,300-9,800 lbs.
3.73 **7,300-11,300 lbs.
4.10 ***7,700-11,300 lbs.

* The 7,300 lb. rating was for the Limited Model only. ** The 11,300 lb. rating will require an additional towing and/or payload package to be installed. *** The 7,700 lb. rating was for the Tremor package only.

Engine Axle Ratio Max. Tow Capacity
6.2L VCT (V8) 3.55 9,500-9,800 lbs.
3.73 *11,000-11,300 lbs.
4.10 **6,000-8,000 lbs.

*The 11,000-11,300 lbs. towing capacities required the Max. Trailer Tow Package. **The 6,000 and 8,000 lb. capacity was for the SVT Raptor only.

What Axle Ratio Do I Have On My 2014 F-150?

The axle ratio is easy to find on a 2014 Ford F-150, if you know where to look! If you open the driver’s side door, you will see a sticker with a lot of information on it somewhere along the in side door jamb.

At the bottom of the sticker, you will see an area that states “AXLE” with a series of numbers or letters and numbers below it. This is the key to finding out which axle you have.

Axle Ratio Code Description
3.15 15 Open
3.31 27 Open
3.55 19 Open
3.73 26 Open

Axle Ratio Code Description
3.15 L5 E-Locker
3.31 L3 E-Locker
3.55 L9 E-Locker
3.73 L6 E-Locker
4.10 L4 E-Locker

Axle Ratio Code Description
3.55 H9 Limited Slip
3.73 B6 Limited Slip

4WD VS 2WD Tow Capacities:

There weren’t really any huge differences in towing capacities when it came to 2WD vs 4WD. The differences were usually around 200-300 lbs., for the most part when comparing the same engine, the same gear ratios and the same GCWR.

Tow Packages That Were Offered:

Not all of the trucks had the option to have upgraded towing packages installed but there are three main packages that you could have chosen from and these are: the heavy duty payload package, the trailer tow package and the max. trailer package.

These included different upgrades like a trailer hitch, upgraded radiator, upgraded transmission cooler, etc.

Some of the highest towing capacities listed for the 2014 Ford F-150s (11,000 lbs.+) needed either the max trailer towing package alone (6.2L VCT) or the max. trailer towing package combined with the heavy duty payload package (3.5L Ti-VCT EcoBoost).

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